Chibnall's dedication takes her across the Bass Strait

A love for the game has kept Jordan Chibnall chasing her harness racing dream in Victoria and across Bass Strait.

Harness Racing.
Harness Racing. Picture: HRV

The 21-year-old has been making weekly trips to Tasmania to compete with a team of horses her and partner Conor Crook prepare.

"I just love horses, I guess," Chibnall said. "I just love driving. Conor, (Crook) my partner, took a team of five over to Tasmania.

"I have four horses here (Victoria) to work, so it was all about balancing time to work the horses here and making time to go over there (Tasmania)."

The trips to the Apple Isle have been splash and dash missions for the young reinswoman.

"Usually, I would just fly in on Sunday morning and fly home first thing Monday. I don't really get to spend much time in Tassie, I just arrive and go to the races," she said.

"It's tiring, but I love it. I love going back to Tassie."

Tasmania holds a very special place in Chibnall's heart.

"I sort of kick-started driving when I was in Tassie. It is kind of where I got my break," she said. "It is where I won a few premierships.

"It's not really home because I grew up in Kilmore, but I like to call it home.

"I have finished now for a little bit. In a couple of months, I will go back when everything settles down here."

Chibnall has driven 142 winners since her career began in 2020, including 18 this season.